The clocks have gone forward; that bright yellow thing is appearing a little more in the sky; the birds are singing; and the sound of leather on willow will soon be heard again, too…..Spring is here and as well as all the above, it signals the end of the financial year in the UK. Indeed, it signals the start of a new one, too.

How does this affect recruitment?

At Cureyoursearch Ltd, it’s our job to notice trends within our sector and also within the world of recruitment. We know from experience that the period from mid-January mid-April is always a really busy one, as clients and candidates alike make plans for the immediate and longer-term. And for clients, that means HR/recruitment planning and budgeting for the next financial year.

The end of a financial year is always a great time for companies and organisations to review their staffing and structure and to ensure that it will be running smoothly and efficiently for the new financial year. Obviously, staffing and recruitment is a big part of that. Because this time of year is a very busy one on the recruitment front, why not let Cureyoursearch Ltd be your go-to Health and Social Care recruitment specialists in the North West?

Clients – Knowing this sector inside-out means that we are singing from exactly the same hymn sheet as you, and we understand exactly what you are looking for in potential new employees. We will work collaboratively with you and will look to be your specialist external recruitment partners to source you the very best candidates that fit the role description and your organisation’s culture and ethos perfectly.

Companies really do need to be proactive with their recruitment and HR at this time of year. It’s important not to let other companies get a head-start on you and snap up the very best candidates. As a client, it’s always a really good idea to get your available positions out there on the market early. The job market is hugely in favour of candidates at present, so delaying your recruitment decisions may see your competitors acquire the very best available staff. At Cureyoursearch Ltd we work in partnership with your organisation to ensure that we fully understand your business, your immediate requirements, your long-term vision and your values – and make successful, informed recruitment decisions based on that.

It’s all about being ahead-of-the-game and making your organisation as attractive as possible to candidates. Because there are so many roles and positions available at the moment, candidates are being a little more choosy in who they work for and accepting the packages that are on offer to them. As stated before, the past two years has shown that staff wellbeing is of increasing importance. Candidates want to not only work in a positive, progressive environment and be well remunerated for their work, they are increasingly looking at their holistic development and wellbeing, too. Basically, what will a company do to make me feel valued and to put me first?

That’s why clients also need to be proactive with regards to looking at the job packages and benefits that they offer. If clients don’t, their competitors probably will be, and it shouldn’t then come as a surprise if they attract better quality candidates into their organisation. Many candidates are looking for more from their employment package, such as life insurance, better holidays, private health cover, bonus schemes, fitness club membership etc.

But it’s not all about what physical or fiscal benefits you can offer candidates. As stated before, life in 2022 for so many has looked and been very, very different. And that applies to the world of work, too. How we work, where we work, the times we work, the days we work, …….…..all this and more has changed, possibly permanently, and certainly for the immediate future. That’s why many successful companies have both a flexible and proactive approach to HR and their staff. For employees it’s increasingly about enjoying work, being valued, working in a safe and positive environment, professional development etc.

At Cureyoursearch Ltd, we recruit for positions at all levels – from care assistants to CEO’s – and offer a thorough and personable service that provides tailored recruitment solutions for clients, and outstanding career opportunities for candidates. We pride ourselves on consultation, communication, and collaboration and feel that companies that put more thought into staff wellbeing, their job package, and the working environment are now standing out from the rest.

This is something that we will help you with. If you are a client that is looking to attract the very best Health and Social Care recruitment professionals in the North West as we come to the end of the financial year, then partner with Cureyoursearch Ltd. We will provide all of the solutions to your recruitment problems