In our last blog, we spoke about making New Year’s Resolutions…..

We are nearing the end of February now, but at the start of 2022 we at Cureyoursearch Ltd took stock of our successes and looked at ways where we could be even better at what we do. We decided to become even more flexible, proactive, and client/candidate-centric than ever before. Basically, keep doing what we were doing, but try to do it even better if we could!

We are Health and Social Care recruitment specialists for the North of England, and we wanted to become the go-to recruitment company in this sector. Well, so far so good, as the first six weeks of 2022 has seen Cureyoursearch Ltd become even more successful in securing a number of candidate placements, including:

  • Regional Quality Assurance Manager – North West
  • Interim Nursing Home Manager – North
  • Nursing Home Manager – Oldham
  • Deputy Nursing Home Manager – Rossendale
  • Nursing Home Manager – Accrington
  • Staff Nurse – Cheshire
  • Deputy Care Home Manager – Blackpool
  • Clinical Lead – Manchester

But we won’t rest on laurels. We will continue to offer a thorough, personalised recruitment process for everyone we come into contact with and help and support them at every stage of their recruitment journey. Indeed, here are our top tips for Candidates and Clients alike:


  • The scattergun approach to getting yourself a new career or position may seem like the best option, but from experience we have seen that if you put your CV out with dozens of agencies, many of those same agencies will lose sight of you and what you actually want and need. We feel that it’s best to keep it to just a couple of agencies who will concentrate on you, can work with you, and communicate regularly with you
  • At Cureyoursearch Ltd, we offer a free exclusive service to find out all about our candidates and to fully understand what they are looking for. Only then do we speak to relevant clients on your behalf to find out exactly what is out there in the market for you.


  • The recruitment market for Health and Social Care in the North West is moving rapidly. We strongly advise clients to be aware that there are multiple jobs out there for candidates. If you like a particular candidate, then we would advise making a quick offer as other clients will quickly step into your shoes and employ them.
  • There is a real shortage of people to fill jobs in this sector, which puts candidates in a really strong position. Salaries are rising in many cases, as are improved employment contracts and additional extras as companies are seeking the very best people to join them. That’s why you need to move quickly and decisively…..
  • ….and that’s why you need to work with experienced experts in this niche sector. A company that will collaborate and communicate with you regularly, and one that has a broad range of outstanding candidates within its portfolio. That company is Cureyoursearch Ltd

Our main priority has always been to put people first – be they a candidate or a client, as everybody is different, and everybody is an individual and has different recruitment needs. We always get to know those we work for, we make it our business to – and so we have concentrated even more on making our recruitment solutions even more bespoke and tailored.  This ensures that we don’t waste their time and we get a perfect candidate/client fit, every single time.

At Cureyoursearch Ltd, we see ourselves as career development partners, not just a company that will fill positions. That’s because we don’t just work for you, we work with you, alongside you.

This time of year is a very busy one on the recruitment front. So, let Cureyoursearch Ltd be your go-to Health and Social Care recruitment specialists in the North West. Why? Because in an ever-changing recruitment market, everything we do is about putting you first.

Contact details:

Telephone: 0161 523 1556